J24 District 21 Perpetual Trophy


District 21 Championship

The J24 District 21 Championship is the traditional Road Series. Events are announced at the beginning of the year at this website and at the J24 District 21 google group. Contact Deke Klatt at d.klatt@att.net to be added to the google group.

The perpetual Trophy

The District 21 Perpetual Trophy is a custom made trophy featuring a J24 on downwind course racing some dolphins (good luck!). It will be awarded at the last race of the year and the winner gets to keep the trophy for one year.  Must be a J24 class member to claim the Fleet Championship trophy. 

Hall of Fame

The past winners of the J24 District 21 Championship perpetual trophy are:

2019        Jaded         Deke Klatt, VYC

2018        Jaded         Deke Klatt, VYC

2017       Take 5        Susan Taylor, CYC

How to become a class member

Follow this link J24 class membership and join the J24 Class online.